What Is A Rogue Program?

Rogue/Fake Antivirus and Utility Programs Definition

Rogue programs are applications that display false security scan results and other deceptive tactics in an attempt to get you to purchase a program or a license for a fake antivirus or system cleanup utility program to remove fabricated computer threats and problems.

A great deal of rogue programs also called scareware, are repackaged antivirus programs that have strong similarities to legitimate antivirus programs. And though they may appear to be legitimate, their functionality is totally malicious in nature. The rogue antivirus programs will constantly display fake security scan results indicating that various security related threats and registry entries have been detected on your computer. They also go on to state that if you want to remove the detected threats, you'll need to either purchase a license or activate the fake antivirus programs before they will remove the detected problems.

These rogue programs will usually modify your operating system's configuration files in an attempt to prevent their removal from your computer. They may also modify current shortcuts or create additional malicious website shortcuts. In a great deal of situations modifications to your operating system's registry configuration are also performed so that when you try to open your applications, instead of the desired application opening, the fake security scanner pops up instead displaying warning messages that the application that you just tried to open is malicious and has been stopped from execution. The security alerts are totally bogus and are meant to scare you into making a purchase of the fake program to remove the detected threats.

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