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Microsoft Windows operating system installation and upgrades

Operating System Installation & Upgrades

We perform complete operating system installations and upgrades and also standard software package installations on desktop computers, laptops and servers. We also can transfer data from your old computer system to a new operating system installation once it’s been completed. And depending on the situation, we may also be able to transfer your applications from your old computer to the freshly loaded desktop computer or laptop without the need for your original application installation media. We suggest clean operating installs on most equipment to keep from migrating any possible underlying problems that you may have had with your original operating system installation.  Clean installs have their own positives and negatives though. With the greatest negative being that all of the user applications must be reinstalled, if they couldn’t be migrated from the original installation. If all of the original software installation media are present, the application reinstallations go smoothly, but that’s usually not the case. Over time, the original software discs sometime get misplaced. And other times the original discs just get damaged somehow. Either way, to get the computers back up and ready for work and play is to have access to all of the needed application installation files.

Before we begin the operating system installation process, we’ll back up all of your important user data. This will include your documents and photos, e-mail files related to “Microsoft Outlook”, web browser favorites, desktop short-cuts, etc. Once the backup of all of the needed data has been completed and verified, we then can perform the operating system installation procedure. Depending on the hardware specifications of the computer, the operating system being installed and other factors, the installation usually takes an hour or less. Afterwards, we reinstall the hardware drivers, the applications and finally the original user data that was saved from the original installation, which takes additional time. Once you have verified that all of their applications, needed files and short-cuts have been restored, then the job is complete.

Smith Technical Resources also provides professional installation and upgrade support for your other important software packages, such as database applications, photo editing applications, etc.

We specialize in installations of:

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