Homeland Security National Cyber Security Division Virus

The Homeland Security National Cyber Security Division MoneyPak Virus is spread thru compromised websites and also thru spam e-mail messages. The majority of our clients that have had their computers infected by this particular virus, acquired it by visiting compromised video streaming sites. Once the websites loaded, the virus was installed quietly in the background thru a drive-by install. There was no immediate indication of an infection, but sometime later it appeared, locking the users out of their computers. It completely locks the user out of their system, including disabling "Task Manager' access. It displays an intimidating interface with the usual fake prosecution threats. It lists the currently logged in user and displays a captured photo of the computer user if they have a webcam installed. And it also states that you must pay a $300 fine to unlock your computer. And that "You have 48 hours to pay the fine. If the fine has not been paid, you will become the subject of criminal prosecution without the right to pay the fine".

It's threats are totally bogus and fake. Do not make any payments through Moneypak to regain access to your computer. And even if you do pay the $300 fee, there's no guarantee that you will be granted access back into your computer by those crooks. The best way to handle this rasomware is to either contact a professional computer repair company or simply remove it yourself. It's not as complicated as you may think.

How to remove the Homeland Security National Cyber Security Division MoneyPak Virus

You’ll need to download the programs listed below on a clean computer and then copy them onto a flash drive or cd for use on the infected computer and they include:

  1. Combofix
  2. Emsisoft Emergency Kit

Homeland Security National Cyber Security Division virus removal procedure step by step:

  1. First, start your computer up in “Safe Mode with Command Prompt” by pressing the “Function F8” at start-up before the “Windows” logo appears.

  1. Once you’re in “Safe Mode with Command Prompt” start “Windows Explorer’ by typing “Explorer” at the command prompt. Your desktop should appear and then you can handle the virus with point and click access.  Before you start with Combofix, disable your current anti-virus utility, if you have one installed.  Next, execute the copy of Combofix that you copied onto a flash drive or cd. Depending on your computer’s hardware, Combofix may take 15 minutes or more to complete. It’s scan will involve 50 to 60 stages, but it’s pretty quick.

  1. Once Combofix has completed it’s scan and repair procedure, decompress the copy of the Emsisoft Emergency Kit to an easily accessible location.
  2. Once the kit has been decompressed, execute it by typing “Start.exe”. And then select the “Emergency Kit Scanner”.

  1. Next, perform a deep scan of your computer.

  1. After Emsisoft Emergency Kit has finished it’s scan, quarantine anything it detects as a threat and then reboot your computer.
  2. If you have completed each of the above steps successfully, your computer should be back to normal without the threatening virus on your system, but if the Homeland Security MoneyPak Virus still remains, at this point it may be better to have a professional remove the ransomware from your computer. If you’re not experienced in more complex virus removal procedures, it would be a little risky for you to attempt the manual  removal approach or even possibly use “Regrun” to remove the virus.

Smith Technical Resources makes no guarantees or claims that the information contained in this article will help you completely remove the above listed malicious program(s) from your computer.  There are several variations of each particular virus in the wild . And the procedure listed above may not be adequate for the specific version of the virus that your computer has been compromised by.

If you feel uncomfortable performing any of the procedures that we've listed on this page, please contact a professional computer repair company in your area and have them complete the needed repairs on your computer. Smith Technical Resources takes no responsibility for any possible damage that could result from your use of the above instructions.

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