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The 22Find.com browser hijacker is commonly bundled with and installed along side various free programs that may be downloaded online. Once it has been installed on your computer, it changes your home page, redirects your online searches and it also appends "http://www.22find.com/?utm_source=b&utm_medium=mlv&from=mlv&uid=<hard drive id>&ts=<timestamp>" to your web page shortcut links. Any searches that you attempt to make will be filled with malicious spam results and also third-party advertisements. The 22Find.com virus can't be uninstalled like a typical web browser add on, which is another reason why it’s so malicious.

Utilities that you will need to remove 22Find.com Browser Hijacker

To uninstall this browser hijacker, you will need to download the utilities listed below. You shouldn't have an issue downloading the needed utilities on the compromised computer, but if your download attempts are hindered, simply download the needed utilities on a clean computer and then transfer them to the compromised one via a burned cd or flash drive

You will need to download:


Shortcut cleaner


How to remove the 22Find.com browser hijacker from your computer

  1. Close any open programs and web browsers on the compromised computer before you start the removal process
  2. Next transfer the downloaded utilities to an easily accessed directory.
  3. Next, start the copy of Adwcleaner by clicking on adwcleaner.exe
  4. Click on "Search" to begin the scan of your computer.

  1. After the search has completed a log file will be displayed that contains any malicious registry entries and software that Adwcleaner has found on your computer.

  1. Next, click on "Delete" and Adwcleaner will remove the detected software and registry entries that it found on your compromised system.

  1. After Adwcleaner has finished removing the malicious software and entries, execute Adwcleaner once more and then select "Uninstall" to remove Adwcleaner completely from your computer.

  1. Next, execute the copy of Shortcut Cleaner that you downloaded by double clicking on "short cut-cleaner.exe". Shortcut Cleaner will identify and remove any malicious or hijacked shortcuts that it detects on your computer.

  1. After Shortcut Cleaner completes, install the copy of Malwarebytes, update it and then run a full system scan. After Malwarebytes completes it's scan, remove any malicious files that it locates on your system.

  1. Next, open your Internet web browser and reset it back to it's default settings by selecting "Tools" and then "Internet Options" and then "Advanced" and then click on reset down at the bottom.

  1. Next, set your browser homepage back to what you want it to be.

At this point the 22Find.com Browser Hijacker should be totally removed from your computer.

Smith Technical Resources makes no guarantees or claims that the information contained in this article will help you completely remove the above listed malicious program(s) from your computer.  There are several variations of each particular virus in the wild . And the procedure listed above may not be adequate for the specific version of the virus that your computer has been compromised by.

If you feel uncomfortable performing any of the procedures that we've listed on this page, please contact a professional computer repair company in your area and have them complete the needed repairs on your computer. Smith Technical Resources takes no responsibility for any possible damage that could result from your use of the above instructions.

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