What Are Title Tags and How To Format Them Tutorial

What Are Title Tags? And How Should They Be Formatted?

Best Practices For Writing Great Website Title Tags

Title tags are the second most important factor when determining on-page search engine optimization, right directly behind the content. Title tags, also called Title Elements illustrate the title of a page or document. They are also required for all HTML documents.

Proper Title Tag Format

The best way to handle your title tags is by utilizing keywords within it. Some experts may suggest that you place your company or brand name within it, but we suggest you focus on the keywords that best describe your webpage content. Besides, given that Google only shows up to 70 characters in Title Tags (Including Spaces) while truncating any text beyond that limit, it's best to make good use of the characters that you're allowed with keywords. Now if your company or brand is large and well known, it may actually be a good idea to include it in the Title Tags. In the image below, notice how we utilized keywords that visitors use to find us online and not our company name. Since we're still a small company, using our company name in our tags wasn't the best technique for our needs at this stage in our growth.

It's important to understand that keyword stuffing on any level is frowned upon by all of the search engines. And if you participate in stuffing keywords in your Title Tags and web pages, you may experience negative results in the Search Engine Results Pages. While keeping that in mind, when you create your Title Tags try not to over do it with the keywords. The best format would be something such as, "Keyword 1 and Keyword 2. The wrong format would consist of "keyword 1, keyword 2, keyword 3, keyword 4. You should also place the most important keywords at the front of the Title Tags from an seo standpoint. The Title Tags are shown in the top of web browsers and also on each tab.

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