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Providing cost-effective local computer repair and network support in the middle Tennessee area

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What Are Managed Services?

Managed Services Definition

The definition of Managed Services, as it is used in the Information Technology industry, is the management of computer related equipment proactively by an outside contractor known as a Managed Services Provider. The primary difference between proactive managed services and the standard break-fix or reactive approach is in the fact that an MSP works to prevent problems with your technology equipment by utilizing routine maintenance techniques and monitoring agents. While the traditional reactive approach (Break-fix)involves waiting for the equipment to show signs of failure and then contacting a technology support services company to make repairs on the failing computer equipment as the issues arise. Which often leads to unnecessary downtime from outages and increased repair costs.

Companies that provide managed services will typically:

  1. Assume responsibility for an agreed upon set of support services
  2. Have the ability to monitor and manage your networked equipment remotely 24/7.
  3. Proactively maintain your computer and network equipment to prevent failures from software and/or hardware problems.
  4. Provide the client with support services with fixed monthly pricing. Provide services to their clients with a sizable decrease in response times when compared to the managed service provider's average response to it's break-fix clients.

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