Troubleshooting Wireless Internet Issues

Wireless Internet Access Troubleshooting Guide

How to troubleshoot problems with your wireless Internet access

Wireless networks function just like wired networks, except for the fact that your devices connect to the network wirelessly through an access point. A wireless access point's primary function is to route data packets from one network to another, but it connects to your devices wirelessly. They route data between the Internet, which is a public network, to the wirelessly connected devices on your private home network. Wireless access points can also double as routers as well.  In the average home, a wireless access point/router is usually connected directly to a cable or dsl modem. The two separate devices may also be combined. You might have a cable modem with a built in wireless access point.  And your wireless devices connect to the Internet through the combined device utilizing a secure wireless connection. The access point also provides security for your private network from external intrusions from the Internet.

When you have problems connecting to the Internet and you're utilizing a wireless access point/router, this is the first place to focus your attention on troubleshooting the problem. Systematically check each area listed below for possible problems between your wireless devices and your wireless access point.

Wireless access points have a limited range, so make sure that you're within a good signal range of the access point while you're troubleshooting your connection. Your problem may be as simple as low signal quality.

Next click on "Change Adapter Settings" ,


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