How to troubleshoot your Wired Internet connection

You need to understand how you’re connecting to the Internet. Most home and business users connect to the Internet through a router. A router's primary function is to route data packets from one network to another. They route data between the Internet, which is a public network, to the devices in your home, which are connected to your private network. In the average home, a router is usually connected directly to a cable or DSL modem. And the computers and other networked devices in your home are connected to the router through Ethernet cables, or in the majority of situations, through a secure wireless connection. A router takes a single Internet connection and routes data from that single connection to all the devices in your home that need Internet access. From computers, tablets, smart phones and printers, they all can access the Internet, utilizing a single Internet connection through your a router.

When you have problems connecting to the Internet and you're utilizing a router, this is the first place to focus your attention on troubleshooting the problem. Systematically check each area listed below for possible problems.

If your 're connected to the router by an Ethernet cable, check and make sure that the cable is plugged into your computer and also into the router.


At this stage if you still can't connect to the Internet, restart your router and also your cable or DSL modem by disconnecting the power to it for a few seconds and then plugging them right back in. Once again open a web browser and check for Internet access. If at this point you still can't connect to the Internet, it would be best to contact your Internet access service provider and have them check for any issues from their side.

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Troubleshooting Internet Access Issues

Wired Internet Access Troubleshooting Techniques

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