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Search.Conduit Browser Hijacker Removal Tutorial Sponsored advertisement

Search Conduit is a browser hijacker that manipulates your online search results once it has compromised your computer. The manipulated search results are based on the support from advertisers that have signed up for the Community Toolbar by Conduit. The advertisers that support Search Conduit include software companies and others in different industries that are attempting to manipulate your online searches in their favor. Many of the software companies that have partnered with Search Conduit bundle the Community Toolbar with their software offerings for download. And when those software packages are installed, the Search Conduit Toolbar may be installed as well, unless it can be specifically removed from the installation options of the parent software installation package during the install process.

The Search Conduit browser hijacker will make changes to your browser's home page settings and it will also install the Community toolbar to further it's primary agenda of stacking your search results with sponsored listings and content.

This tutorial will show you how to remove this browser hijacker and also how to remove the browser settings modifications that it has made.

To remove this aggressive add-on, you’ll need to download a handful of useful programs to aid in it’s removal. You should be able to download the needed programs in "Safe Mode with Networking" on the computer that has the Search.Conduit browser hijacker installed. But if you run into problems doing so, just download the needed programs on a clean computer and then transfer them to the compromised computer via a flash drive or burned cd/dvd.

You'll need to download a copy of:

  1. RKill
  2. Adwcleaner
  3. Emsisoft Emergency Kit

How to remove the Search.Conduit browser hijacker from your computer

  1. First, restart the compromised computer into "Safe Mode with Networking" by pressing the function F8 key at start up right before the Microsoft Windows logo is displayed. And then afterwards, once you have logged into your account and have Internet access, download the utilities listed above.

  1. Next, after you have successfully downloaded the programs above remove the Search.Conduit application from the “Programs and Features” section of your Windows installation by clicking on “Start” and then the “Control Panel”.

  1. Next, click on “Uninstall a program” in the Control Panel.

  1. Next, search through your installed programs for “Search Conduit” or possibly “Search Protect by Conduit” and then uninstall it. There may be more than just a single Conduit related program. So look carefully, because all of the components will need to be uninstalled.

  1. Once all of the Search.Conduit applications have been removed, return to the control panel and then click on “Network and Internet”.

  1. Next, click on “Manage Browser Add-ons”.

  1. Next, click on the “Manage Add-ons” button .

  1. Next, select the “Search Providers” option and then select the Search Conduit add-on.

  1. Next, execute the copy of “Temp File Cleaner” to remove your temporary files.
  2. Next, once the “Temp File Cleaner” has completed, extract the copy of "Emsisoft Emergency Kit" by double clicking on it's executable. Make sure that you decompress the files to an easily accessible location on your computer, such as the desktop. Once the kit has been decompressed, execute it by clicking on "Start.exe" in it's newly created folder.
  3. Once the Emergency Kit opens, click on "Emergency Kit Scanner".

  1. Afterwards, click on the remove button down on the lower right of the screen.

  1. You might also need to perform the same procedure in the “Toolbars and Extensions” section of the “Manage Add-ons settings. And that option will be in the top left of the add-ons screen.
  2. Next, close the add-ons screen and then click on the “General” table of the “Internet Options”

  1. Next, enter the homepage that you want your browser to default to and then click on “Apply” down at the bottom.
  2. Afterwards clock on “OK” to close the options window.
  3. Next, open the folder that you downloaded the removal utilities that you downloaded back at the beginning of this tutorial and start “Rkill” by double clicking on it’s executable. Rkill will attempt to terminate any malicious processes that are running in your computer’s memory.
  4. After Rkill completes terminating any possible malicious processes, start “Adwcleaner” by double clicking on it’s executable.
  5. Once it opens click on the “Search” button on the left.

  1. The Adwcleaner will scan your computer for traces of Adware. And once it has completed it’s scan it will display a scan results log file.

  1. Afterwards, close the log and then click on the “Delete” button. Once you do so, the Adwcleaner will remove the traces of adware that it has detected on your computer.

  1. Next, since there is a possibility that your computer may also have additional malicious programs hiding somewhere, decompress and then start the “Emsisoft Emergency Kit” by clicking on it’s compressed executable and then after the decompression, click on “Start”.
  2. Next, click on the “Emergency Kit Scanner” option

  1. Next, click on “Update Now’ to update the kit’s definition files. There will probably be 100 megabytes of updates or more, so give it a little time to complete.

  1. Once the update is complete, click on the “Scan Now” button that is right above the “Update Now’ button.
  2. Once the scan screen opens, select the “Deep Scan” option and then click on the “Scan’ button down at the bottom.

  1. After the scan completes, remove any malicious software or traces that it locates on your computer.
  2. Afterwards close the “Emsisoft Emergency Kit”.
  3. That’s it! Your computer should now be free of the Search Conduit browser hijacker.

Smith Technical Resources makes no guarantees or claims that the information contained in this article will help you completely remove the above listed malicious program(s) from your computer.  There are several variations of each particular virus in the wild . And the procedure listed above may not be adequate for the specific version of the virus that your computer has been compromised by.

If you feel uncomfortable performing any of the procedures that we've listed on this page, please contact a professional computer repair company in your area and have them complete the needed repairs on your computer. Smith Technical Resources takes no responsibility for any possible damage that could result from your use of the above instructions.

Our guides and articles may not be copied without our strict consent.

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Search.Conduit Browser Hijacker Removal Tutorial