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How To Reset Internet Explorer Settings Back To Their Defaults Tutorial

How To Reset Internet Explorer Settings Back To Their Default Values

Internet Explorer Settings Reset Tutorial

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In some situations you may have problems with Internet Explorer displaying web content. Or in some of the worst cases, you may not be able to open Internet Explorer at all. The cause of those issues could possibly be your enabled toolbars, extensions, customized security settings, the pop-up blocker or some other personalized configuration setting. One of the first areas of troubleshooting web page display content problems involves disabling many of those personalized settings. And in some of the most extreme cases, you may actually need to reset Internet Explorer to the state it was in when it was first installed.

Selecting to reset Internet Explorer back to it's default settings should be saved for the last resort, because it will possibly bring a new set of problems to the table which may include certain web pages that you could view before now producing errors because they require previously enabled add-ons, stored cookies, previously input form data or saved passwords to function properly.

An Internet Explorer settings reset is non reversible. After it has been completed, all of your previous browser settings will be lost and they can't be recovered. You will need to download add-ons and reconfigure the settings of your browser before certain web page content will be displayed properly. The websites that you may have problems viewing may include sites such as,,, and countless others.

In some situations though, the reset will be your best option to repair problems with Internet Explorer. Especially if it won't open at all. This tutorial will show you how to reset Internet Explorer back to it's default state.

To reset Internet Explorer back to it’s default state, begin by:

  1. Clicking on the "Start Button' and then on "Control Panel".

  1. Next, click on "Network and Internet".

  1. Next, click on "Internet Options".

  1. Next, click on the “Advanced’ tab.

  1. Next, click the "Reset" button at the bottom.

  1. Next, click the "Reset" button at the bottom. In most situations you probably won’t need to select the "Delete Personal Settings" option, unless you’re already tried resetting Internet Explorer without this option and it still didn’t resolve the browser issues. If that is the case, then select this option as well.

  1. Next, click on the “Reset” button at the bottom.

  1. Wait a few moments for the settings to be reset.

  1. Afterwards, click on “Close”.

  1. Next, try to open Internet Explorer. It should now open without the previous configuration issues that plagued it before the reset.

The information in this article is provided "as is". It should be used for educational purposes only. Smith Technical Resources makes no guarantees or claims that the information contained in this article will help you completely remove the above listed malicious program(s) from your computer.

If you feel uncomfortable performing any of the procedures that we've listed on this page, please contact a professional computer repair company in your area and have them complete the needed repairs on your computer. Smith Technical Resources takes no responsibility for any possible damage that could result from your use of the above instructions.

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