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Secure online backup and cloud storage solutions

Providing cost-effective local computer repair and network support in the middle Tennessee area

Secure Online Backup Solutions

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Secure & HIPAA Compliant Online Backup Services

With the increasing amount of data that is being stored on computers  and tablets,  having a reliable data backup and recovery option in place should be a top priority. Online backup services have become a popular method for both business and home users to reliably backup their important and sensitive data. Online backup services offer several distinct advantages over the traditional onsite backup techniques that many users have grown accustomed to, which usually involve tapes, flash drives,  hard drives or possibly optical discs.

Advantages of Online Backup Services

The major benefits of online backups is that they provide users with ways to relieve the complexities that are linked with onsite backups. Online backup services also help to lower capital and operational costs for businesses. Another advantage of online backup services is the reduced risk of a catastrophic data loss situation that could possibly be caused by a natural disaster, which could destroy a business and also the backup data stored onsite.

Why Choose To Utilize An Offsite Backup Service

There are also many other advantages that offsite storage services provide over traditional onsite backups and they include include:

Creating reliable backups of your computer data in-house is a good start , but for added security, you should always maintain current archives of your data at an additional secure offsite location.

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