Meta Tag Tutorial

What Are Meta Description Tags?

Meta Tag Tutorial

Meta descriptions are very important for search engine rankings, just like the Title Tags. The Meta Descriptions provide short, but very informative summaries of the of web pages. The advantage they have over the Title Tags is in the fact that they may contain up to 156 characters (Including Spaces), which is over twice the amount of characters allowed in the Title Tags. The description should give online searchers a good understanding of what your specific web page is about. In other words, what it's theme or primary topic involves. And again, keyword stuffing is not advised. Keep it as natural as possible, since we’re no longer writing only for the search engines.

In the photo, notice how Google extracted the most relevant keywords from our Virus Removal page and then displayed them in the Meta Description Tag. We didn’t stuff keywords in that Meta Tag, but it’s displaying the results that it has determined are the most relevant in reference to the search terms that were used.

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