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Hosted Microsoft Exchange Services

Hosted Microsoft Exchange Services

Increase the efficiency and convenience of your business communications and collaborations by utilizing our managed e-mail solutions. We provide powerful and also secure cloud based hosted email, calendaring, collaboration and task scheduling solutions that will help your company to improve it's efficiency through robust communications between all of your employees.

Spam Filtering Firewall

To reduce the onslaught of daily unwanted spam messages, we utilize a multi-layer approach to scan all inbound messages to identify messages from known spammers. Our system also checks each and every message for embedded links that may lead to domains known to spread spam. Each message is also examined for embedded links that may lead to known malicious domains as well.

Extensive Virus Protection

Over the last few years computer viruses have become more and more complex. And to combat the constant changes, we employ a multi-layer approach to scan each incoming and also outgoing message for malicious attachments and embedded links.

Large E-mail Storage

We offer the flexibility that your organizations needs to store and maintain all of your important email messages. With email accounts that provide ample storage by default. And they can easily be increased to accommodate the needs of your business and employees at any time you so desire.

Consistent Synchronization Across All of Your Devices

Eliminate the need to check, organize and also delete messages on each of your individual devices with our hosted Microsoft Exchange email accounts. How you handle your messages on any one of your connected devices, is automatically duplicated on your remaining connected devices. Saving you and your employees the time and trouble of making the same changes on each individual device.

A More Professional Appearance For Your Business

Free email accounts provided by Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo and countless others may serve your basic messaging needs, but utilizing an account that has your business domain name on it just looks so much more professional. And as another added plus, you can avoid the excessive advertisements that may be displayed by the free providers when you utilize a business class email account.

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