Creating Great Website Content Tutorial

Creating Great Website Content

Best Practices For Creating Informative Website Content

The content of each page is the most important factor that determines a website's position in the search results. All other factors are secondary when compared with the quality of your content. The content is the reason why visitors come to your site to begin with. Your content needs to be high quality, fresh and most importantly, original. Content involves more than just words, it also includes photos and audio. From a Search Engine Optimization stand point, good quality content must contain two primary attributes. It must supply a demand and it also needs to be linkable from other web sites. And like other markets, such as the world market. The best online content resources perform a great job of handling web searchers needs for information and answers to their questions. Great content isn't only about words. It may involve photos, sounds, games, humor or other items.

When you’re formulating a plan for subjects to write about, focus on subjects that people are interested in. I’ve written twenty pages on subjects that I assumed were of interest. And then afterwards I watched as one or two pages out of the group received ninety percent of the page views. And in my opinion, I just wasted my time writing the other eighteen pages, because I should have done more research. These days I carefully choose my subjects. If no one cares about the subjects, I quickly avoid them and save time.

Forget About Keyword Density

For years the practice of measuring and manipulating the keyword density of website pages became somewhat of an art. That time has now passed with all of Google's constant updates. Maintaining a constant 1.9 to 2.3 percent keyword density used to bring great first page search engine results, but that's all over. These days you should write your web pages for human visitors and not the search engines. It was always our intent to write the page content for our human visitors, but over time that plan fell to the side while we all competed for a place on the first page of the search results. All of it for increasing our chances for clicks from users online when they searched for our targeted keywords.

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