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According to a blog post by Ebay inc, more than 145 million user accounts have been compromised. Ebay is asking all of it's users to change their passwords immediately. The attack compromised user's information including the customer names, the passwords, their email addresses and physical addresses, their phone number and also their account holder's date of birth. The attack on Ebay's data occurred between late February and early March according to their investigations. And the data breach didn't include Paypal accounts from what they are stating.

Ebay is currently in the process of sending notifications to all of the affected account holders, notifying them of the breach and the need for them to change their account password.

If you have used the same password for your Ebay account as you have for other accounts, you’re advised to change the passwords for all of those accounts, and not just your Ebay account. You should never use the same password for more than one account.


145 million Ebay accounts hacked

Bulletin: 145 million Ebay accounts compromised

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