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We service desktop computers, laptop computers, file servers, printers and lcd projectors

Providing cost-effective local computer repair and network support in the middle Tennessee area
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About Us
Smith Technical Resource is a Nashville IT consulting, computer repair and network support services company that specialize in providing affordable and swift on site technology services for commercial and residential clients in the middle Tennessee and southern Kentucky areas. We focus on providing the very best professional technical support services to our clients, in the shortest time possible. Our services are provided thru on site visits and also by remote access for clients located within a 50 mile radius of Nashville. And all in a cost-effective and time sensitive manner.

We can handle a full range of technical staffing requirements, both large and small. From a single desktop computer in your home, to large business networks such as, retail stores, healthcare providers, manufacturers, trade shows, car dealerships, restaurants, etc. Smith Technical Resources provides some of the best and most affordable technology solutions in the Nashville area. But, unlike some of the other computer businesses in the area, we also focus on keeping  our operations at an optimum size, which helps us to maintain our truly affordable service rates. Our operations are provided from our call centers that are located in the south Nashville, Tennessee area.

We provide rapid on-site service for all of your computer equipment, including desktops, servers, laptops, tablets, multifunction printers, etc.  We strive each and every day to be the very best Nashville, Tennessee based computer maintenance company by treating each and every one of our clients as if they are our one and only client. With a high level of expertise and verified trust worthy personnel, Smith Technical Resources maintains a very high level of customer satisfaction.

Business Computer Repair in Nashville

We provide timely and professional computer repair and information technology support for large & small businesses located in the Nashville, Tennessee & southern Kentucky areas. Our hourly service rates and managed service provider agreements are also more than competitive for a professional business. We are the number one choice for all of your computer repair and network support needs. From computer system set-up and large scale desktop deployments, to wired Ethernet network design and support.

HIPAA Compliant Online Backup Services

Most home and business users have experienced some form of data loss within the last 5 years. We accidentally delete important files, we acquire computer virus infections that damage data, we experience hardware failures and sudden power losses or data corruption could be caused by some other sudden problem. One of the most effective and inexpensive ways that you can prepare for an unexpected data loss or corruption situation is by maintaining a reliable backup of your important files.

Smith Technical Resources provides 100% secure and reliable storage online for all of your important home and business computer data. Our online backup services are dependable, affordable and very easy to implement.  We support offsite backups of personal computers, Macs and also of smart phone data. We also offer very inexpensive data plans for home users and also cost-effective data backup services for business users.

Utilizing an offsite backup service is one of the most reliable options that you can utilize to maintain backup copies of your sensitive data. All without the need for swapping tapes or external drives on a daily basis. And with our services, once your data has been securely uploaded to our data centers, you can rest assured that it will be available to you when you need it, from just about any device that has a web browser and Internet access.

Residential Computer Repair Services

We provide our residential clients with the same swift and economical in-home professional computer repair that we offer our much larger and complex commercial clients. Our support specialists are well trained in all forms of  home computer installation, computer support and wireless Internet access troubleshooting. Our tech support representatives will promptly come to your home or apartment, evaluate your technical needs and then they will formulate a cost-effective plan for the technology solutions that you may need provided. They won’t try to convince you to repair any computer equipment that it would be much cheaper for you to simply replace. We will do everything possible to make any repairs or equipment installations as affordable as possible, while still providing you with the very best technical support services that Nashville has to offer by a professional information technology company.

Customer Satisfaction

Establishing a solid and lasting reputation in the Nashville computer repair field requires a very high level of skill, experience, dependability and most of all, trust. We’ve made it our goal each and every single business day to improve upon each of those traits, ensuring that we provide the best services possible. We’ve worked very hard over the years in middle Tennessee to achieve strong partnerships and industry certifications, which help to validate the technical procedures that we use daily to solve some of the most complicated and perplexing computer problems. It is our pledge to excellence, on behalf of our clients, to provide proficient and cost-effective computer service at affordable prices, through timely on-site visits and online computer support services.

Online Computer Support Services

Smith Technical Resources provides a large range of computer tech support services on-site and also by remote to help assist computer users when they are having difficulties with their desktop computers, laptops and file servers. The majority of our computer and network support services are provided at your location, but we can also provide support for many of your technical difficulties by remote, while reducing the time needed to resolve any issues you may be experiencing.

We provide the very best in customer service. And we are always very patient and helpful when you call with questions or issues that you need resolved. We provide our online support services during and well after normal business hours of operation and also on weekends and holidays.

Our call centers are all based in the middle Tennessee area. And our support staff all speak clear English, with as little computer jargon as possible. We’ve hired some of the best information technology talent that Nashville has to offer. They are your neighbors and may possibly be your friends. But most of all they are the best at what they do, which is providing top quality information technology support, when you or your business need it most.

We provide free online computer system evaluations with no obligation by you or your company to receive service by us. And we also provide free on-site system and network evaluations for residential and business clients that are based in the middle Tennessee area. No matter which support option you choose, online or on-site, Smith Technical Resources will provide you with the very best and affordable computer service possible.

Computer  Troubleshooting Tutorials

We're constantly performing research on the latest computer security threats and trends. From constantly changing and evolving ransomware viruses and scareware, to the extensively more serious zero day threats. We're always staying ahead of the curve with newly discovered operating system and application vulnerabilities that may represent a serious threat to your personal and business security. Our extensive research helps us to provide the best technical services possible for our clients in the middle Tennessee area. We also utilize our wide-ranging knowledge of Information Technology to assist users that are not currently our clients in the form of free online computer troubleshooting tutorials.

We provide an extensive range of personal computer configuration tutorials and also helpful Internet related information. Our support guides explain in simple to understand detail, how to make various changes to your operating system settings, how to remove some of the most stubborn malicious software, including browser hijackers and also how to make changes to your web browser settings, including transferring your bookmarks. We also examine some of the best practices for correctly performing search engine optimization on your website. And since technology is in a constant state of change, we're continually updating our array online content to better assist you.

Our extensive computer and Internet related tutorials are provided primarily here on our website. But we also provide a range of video related tutorials and information that you may find helpful on our Youtube channel. We're constantly adding new and engaging content to our website to help you and your business solve some of the most challenging and frustrating issues that you may experience with your devices. We're also very active on social media websites such as Google+, Twitter and also Facebook. So feel free to visit us on any of those additional sites for additional and illuminating technical information.

Proactive Managed Services

Managed services offer many benefits for both small and medium size businesses, when compared to break-fix services. Utilizing managed services will help you bring stability to your business's IT expenses each month. By paying a small monthly fee, and depending on what particular service plan you choose, we'll provide your business with complete 24/7 technical support which includes, unlimited phone, remote and also onsite support of your workstations, servers, networked printers, managed switches and also your routers.

We provide many different levels of service to meet your ever changing business needs. From our platinum support plans, down to our silver plans, we can tailor a cost-effective service level agreement to meet your needs and business requirements. You have the option of having us support all of your computer equipment for one low monthly rate, or you can also have us only support the specific devices that you select, which are most important for your business to operate efficiently.

Each Agreement is written out for a specific business, after a thorough onsite consultation and equipment audit. And we maintain a consistently short response time for support calls and their resolutions, which depends on the urgency of the particular situation and the failing equipment and/or software involved.

Our Onsite Service Area

Our normal coverage area encompasses a 50 mile radius of Nashville. And we also support clients as far away as 100 miles or more with our extended area of coverage. It all depends on the particular situation and the client involved.

Onsite computer technical support

Phone (615)596-2592

2126 Abbott Martin Rd

Nashville, Tn. 37215

Providing cost-effective technology support in middle Tennessee

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Our on site service area includes Nashville and all of middle Tennessee  including, Hendersonville  Tn, Gallatin Tn, Portland Tn, Ridgetop Tn, Greenbrier Tn, Springfield Tn, White House Tn, Cross Plains Tn, Coopertown Tn, Gordansville Tn, Hartsville Tn, Kingston Springs Tn, Lafayette Tn, Lakewood Tn, Millersville Tn, Nolensville Tn, Oak Hill Tn, Pegram Tn, Red Boiling Springs Tn, Thompson's Station Tn, Watertown Tn, White Bluff Tn, Woodbury Tn, Adams Tn, Auburntown Tn, Cedar Hill Tn, Eagleville Tn, Mitchellville Tn, Orlinda Tn, Slayden Tn, Vanleer Tn, Madison Tn, Inglewood Tn, Old Hickory Tn, Lebanon Tn, Mount Juliet Tn, Hermitage Tn, Berry Hill Tn, Forest Hills Tn, Brentwood Tn, Franklin Tn, Columbia Tn, Murfreesboro Tn, Smryna Tn, Dickson Tn, Fairview Tn, Pleasant View Tn, Franklin Kentucky & Bowling Green Kentucky. We also provide cost-effective online computer services nationwide. We service all brands of personal computer & server equipment including, Dell, Gateway, HP, Sony, Lenovo, Toshiba, Acer and Fujitsu. Contact us today and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.  Smith Technical Resources is your best choice for quick and affordable on-site computer support and maintenance in, Cannon County, Cheatham, Davidson, Dickson, Hickman, Macon, Robertson, Rutherford, Smith, Sumner, Trousdale, Warren, Williamson and Wilson County.

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